It is easy to calculate how much mulch, soil, sand you need. Measure the area you want to cover and you multiply Length x Width X Depth.

Sample1: You have a garden bed that is 12 meters long and 2 meters wide and you want to spread a nice .100mm or 10cm over the top you would calculate 12x2x.100=2.4 cubic meters.

Sample2: You wan to back fill a hole that is 5 meters long, 1 meters wide and 1.2meters deep you would calculate 5x1x1.2= 6.0 cubic meters. But you may want to allow for compaction.

.100mm = 10cm | .075mm = 7.5cm | .050mm = 5cm

We recommend to have at least .075 – .100mm of mulch on top of your garden for the best result.

Trailer loads to Cubic meters

  • 1.0 Trailer loads = 0.7m3
  • 1.5 Trailer loads = 1.0m3
  • 3.0 Trailer loads = 2.0m3
  • 4.5 Trailer loads = 3.0m3