• Brickies sand is generally used for construction. Great for mixing cement and concrete but also great to use for paving.
  • River sand also known as Gin Gin quarts ideal for horse arenas.
  • White washed sand. Great for children’s sand pits, artificial lawn and to sweep into paving.
  • Plasterer’s Sand. The name says it all ideal for plastering render.
  • Lawn sand. Great for top dressing your lawn.
  • Back fill


Did you know that there’s more sand in your life than you imagined? Sand is the primary component in concrete, in mortar used to lay brick and it’s the principal component in glass. From wherever you’re sitting right now, you’re probably only meters away from something constructed primarily using sand.

It’s also invaluable for landscaping and gardening.

The benefits of sand include:

Being resistant to weathering
Having excellent drainage characteristics
Being simple and easy to model landscapes
Sand can also be used to:

Add weight to soil
Improving the contact between roots and soil
Stopping the edges of your lawn from drying out too much
Enhance a garden’s visual appeal
By definition, sand is meant to feel gritty when you rub it between your fingers, but the size of sand particles differs greatly.

The composition of all mineral sands is highly variable, and depends on a number of factors, depending on the origin of the sand itself. The most common constituent of sand is silica. White sands, like that you might find at a beach, usually consist of limestone and contain a high quantity of coral and shell fragments. A yellower sand usually signifies a higher iron content within its quartz crystals.

Sand Supplies Perth.

If you live in the Perth metropolitan area, you need a company to take care of all your sand supply Perth needs. We’ve identified all the main uses for sands, and offer not three or four, but six different varieties of the finest sands for you to choose from for your landscaping projects!

Our entry-level sand is Fill Sand. It’s an affordable option and great for foundations. The quality elevates to Lawn sand, Paving sand, Plasters sand, Brickies sand, all the way to our top-shelf White Washed sand. This is a pristine, carefully screened and washed white sand that is safe and perfect for landscaping, and use in children’s sand pits.

Whatever your needs are, chances are we have a sand that is perfect for you.

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